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Top 10 Great TV Shows & Films

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This is a well-organized site that has a proprietary ratings system based on reviews from the major critics. The ratings (“Metascores”) range from 0 to 100 and are color-coded. So, you can tell whether a movie or TV show (as well as music and video games) received mostly positive, mixed, or negative reviews at-a-glance. Links to those reviews are also provided. In addition, this site provides early reviews for upcoming movies and TV shows (if available), trailers, “best of” lists, awards and nominations scorecards, premiere calendars, and more. Use this site to discover upcoming and newly-released movies and TV shows that may be worth a watch.


This is a comprehensive movie and TV site that has an excellent search feature. If you’re looking for in-depth information (including reviews) about any movie or TV show, then this is the site for you.


This site provides a proprietary ratings system that highlights whether a movie or TV show is “Certified Fresh” or not. The ratings are based on reviews that are organized into a “top critics” category or an “all critics” category. Use this site if you can’t find what you’re looking for on Metacritic.

Streaming Platforms


This is a subscriber-based site that provides both a DVD-shipping service and streaming privileges. Some of its streaming library is available to stream only at its site. Also, individual recommendations are provided based on your “taste profile”. Netflix also offers critically-acclaimed original programming (such as “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black”) to its subscribers.

Amazon Instant Video:

This site allows users to buy, rent, or stream movies and TV shows. Some of its streaming library is available to stream only at its site. If you pay for “Prime” membership, you will be given access to unlimited streaming privileges. Otherwise, you may pay per movie or per episode. If something is not available to stream, then you may purchase or rent it. Amazon also offers original programming to its subscribers.

Hulu PLUS:

If you want to be able to stream current TV shows to your mobile device or television, then this may be the site for you. This site charges a monthly fee, but still includes commercials for certain shows. However, provides some content (including both original programming and selected movies from the Criterion collection) that is available to watch for free on your computer with commercials.